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5 lbs. Bag

Have you ever tried to achieve a HUGE MASSIVE DREAM with minimal effort or very little sacrifice?

This Changes Everything...

This☝🏽simple tip might be able to help advance you forward, overcome adversity, and experience joy.

It's never too late to start

We all fall down but you absolutely need to get back up and dust yourself off every time! You are a winner and a champion! Don’t let your...


Having trouble sleeping? Here are some tips that I've applied to help the overall quality of sleep I get regularly.


😲Too many of us are willing to do “just enough” to get by. 🤔 Just = exactly, precisely, by a very small margin, barely. 🛑 Stop being...


You are the salt of the earth.

Change involves growing

Embrace change. Be adaptable to change. Any area that you want to grow, improve, and be fruitful in will require change. Stop trying to...


It’s not about the equipment you have it’s about what you are equipped with! Get caught up in the message not the masterpiece. You are...


It's time to take your thoughts captive 🚔 and decide what gets to stay and what MUST go. Change your mind 🧠 change your life, change...


2 Things I learned through my grumpiness

ACTIONS > intentions

Take daily deliberate proactive A C T I O N towards your goals! A C T I O N S > intentions

Be Generous...

Keep sowing.... Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

Type Of Day

That mind right Monday mindset. Today is your day! Own It!

Win The Day

Decide today to take ownership of your life, thoughts, and actions.

Add Value Daily

Focus On Adding Value Daily. • • You may not be able to physically be in front of others but can you make a phone call, shoot out a text,...


What are you holding onto that needs to go?

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