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Javier Babin is an impactful and passionate speaker, trainer, and coach. He has spent over a decade of his life inspiring communities, transforming students, and igniting connection through mentorship and training with students, youth groups, and organizations. He was a key leader and pioneer in expanding a high school development program that helps students make healthy decisions by focusing on 40 developmental assets in order to build positive experiences and character qualities to prepare them for their future.

Javier believes we have been designed with a purpose, engineered for success, and created to be more than a conqueror. We aren't here to just live but rather come alive. We are here to impact and influence those around us to transform the way we think, act, and respond. As we think, so we are. We are impact players and important in the game of life.

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Javier grew up in a rural, middle-class town in the Midwest. He was a three sport athlete and began to hold onto the success principles being taught within organized sports. After high school, Javier started his career as a Correctional Officer. During this time, he remained involved in high school programs to develop young adults while also coaching for a local middle school team. After almost 6 years he moved on from being a Correctional Officer and found CrossFit. Javier now owns CrossFit AMRAP.

He has a passion for developing and building up those around him to work on their mindset and be in control of their actions and attitude. He is actively mentoring youth within his community, along with training young athletes physically, mentally, and emotionally for their sports and overall health.

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Master Your Mind. Master Your Life.

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