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Make your actions speak louder than the words you speak. Take the time to hand write a thank you or encouragement card to your clients, friends, & family. It takes only a few minutes but expresses more gratitude then your words can ever communicate.

What are you communicating to your clients, friends, & family?

Something as simple as writing a note allows the recipient to know you took time out of your busy schedule to intentionally think about them with the words you write. Take the extra few seconds to personalize the card and be specific of what you are thankful for, how will the gift go to use, or what is their goal you are encouraging them about. Think about this, you walk into a room and the person greeting you is so ecstatic to see you they welcome you with a big hug, ask if they can get you anything, and can't stop smiling with excitement. Now on the flip side, think about walking into a room and the person greeting you is looking at their phone and barely notices you even walked in. They glance up and say, "hey" then go back to their phone.

Which one would you like to be greeted to? Most would say the first one. Why? Because we are expressing our joy and thoughtfulness for the other person. Just like when we personalize a card it expresses our joy and thoughtfulness. So always choose to personalize your cards even if it takes you the extra 14 seconds. It's worth it.

Live Victorious!

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